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Styx Migration and New Website

Mythiot has undergone a few visual changes. A number of duplicate and inactive channels have been removed from vision (not deleted) from the main discord and the remaining channels have been reorganized or repurposed. Styx n Stones is active on its forever home and has been updated with a series of quality of life mods along with a modified Botman and CSMM server managers. A lot of time and effort has gone into breathing new […]

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Website Registration FAQ

How do I register? Hit the register button in top right hand corner and fill in the small form that loads. It is asking me for my real name that is required and displayed to everyone? Enter your username here, the name by which you go on discord. I don’t see the activation e-mail in my inbox? Check your spam folder. What is this activation key? This box is automatically filled in when you click […]