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Join us on Alpha 17 Experimental

[smartslider3 slider=8] Join us on Alpha 17 Experimental [expand title=”Click Here”]Clickclick[/expand] to expand opt-in instructions for the Alpha 17 Experimental update. For those that want to get a head start on Alpha before the official release we have opened a fresh new server with the A17 update named Charon’s Party Boat. Don’t worry, Styx N Stones will still be offering A16 without a reset. Our current plan is to keep Styx N Stones the same […]


Start Streaming for Mythiot Today!

Start Streaming for Mythiot Today! We are excited to announce the start of our website streamer program. This program will reward players on our servers for streaming their play time with us. This does NOT require you to have a large following or any type of following at all. All you need is a account. (Youtube live streaming is not currently supported) Once accepted, your stream will be added to the Streamer page on […]

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Spawn is now complete: Styx N Stones PvE

Server spawn on Styx N Stones PvE Events is now complete. It offers a deep underground safe haven which operates both player and server managed vending machines and traders. If you are interested in hosting a few vending machines at spawn please reach out to @xenophobed44 on discord or the in-site messaging system. The spawn location features a zombie killing event on both Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00pm. At this time zombies will attack the […]

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PvP EVENT Sunday 10:00pm EST: Return of Rocket Launcher House Wars

At least 4-6 players are required to participate in House Wars! Players will be asked to split into 2 separate teams. Players will be provided a fresh set of multiple rocket launchers as well as hundreds upon hundreds of rockets. Also provided are equal amounts of bedrolls, first aid kits, food, water, coats, ponchos, mining helmets, hammers, wood, and scrap iron for preparing defenses. There will be a graveyard platform behind each mansion for people […]

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Website Registration FAQ

How do I register? Hit the register button in top right hand corner and fill in the small form that loads. It is asking me for my real name that is required and displayed to everyone? Enter your username here, the name by which you go on discord. I don’t see the activation e-mail in my inbox? Check your spam folder. What is this activation key? This box is automatically filled in when you click […]