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Tribe of Dox Ark – Retirement

After much though and consideration, we have decided to enter the preliminary stages of retirement for the Ark team Tribe of Dox. With the current core group having moved to Atlas and a majority of casual players becoming permanent sleepers, it simply is not practical to continue the level of upkeep required. The Headquarters will remain alive, as long as possible. At least until I personally can collect as much video and image content from […]


Charon’s Party Boat – Event Calendar Postponed

In order to properly test the upcoming MythiotMURDERpack and additional modlets, Charon’s will not be running regular events unless Styx caps out on population consistently over the next few weeks. As our testing grounds, Charons will continue to also receive regular server manager command updates and unannounced server configuration changes. It will remain online and available for play however, and staff will continue to moderate when necessary. For an optimal experience, please continue to use […]


Alpha 17 Stable is Live!

Alpha 17 Stable B240 is out. This is the stable build of the game. Our servers will be updated immediately. 1) Styx N Stones 2) Charon’s Party Boat 3) Belladonna All three be wiped and updated to the new build. Here is the line-up that has been voted in: SERVER VOTE RESULTS ———— The results of the voting are in! Overhaul: 7 Players Intensive Light Modding: 6 players Light modding: 2 players Vanilla: 5 players […]

Announcements Charon's Party Boat A17

Charon’s Party Boat: Weekly Mini-Events

Fellow Survivors, The staff team will be hosting mini-events on Charon’s Party Boat on a weekly basis. The events will take place between on Friday and Saturday evenings, with the start time being declared several hours before on the same day. This mini-event schedule will not include any PVP events at this time or the foreseeable future. Armor, clothing and weapons/ammunition (and sometimes building materials) will be provided at the beginning of the event and […]

Announcements Charon's Party Boat A17

Alpha 17 Experimental B208 – Charon’s Wipe

Alpha 17 Experimental B208 – Charon’s Wipe 10 Minutes ago, TFP released Alpha 17 Experimental Build 208. This build adds a few new items and hot fixes. The full post can be found here. As is requested by TFP, we will be wiping the server to begin the new build. The wipe will occur within 24 hours. Charon’s Party Boat will be wiped completely and launched with Navezgane. More to be posted in discord. Dox