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Official Mythiot Minecraft Server 1.14.4 Stable

Hello community! I’m pleased to announce to opening of Mythiot’s official dedicated Minecraft server. It will be running a vanilla build at 1.14.4. It is available at IP: on the default Minecraft Port. Two new discord channels and three new discord roles have been created. Minecraft Voice and Minecraft Text channels. New roles are “Minecraft Admin, Minecraft Mod and Minecraft”. The latter will be applied to all community members who login to the server. […]

Announcements Other Games

Tribe of Dox is back!

I’m thrilled to announce the official rebirth of Tribe of Dox. We are now actively recruiting and trading on Ark Official Legacy Servers. There are now three tribe channels in the Mythiot Discord: Announcements, marketplace and general chat. As all the current tribemembers know, our headquarters is located on Herbivore Island on Legacy Island Server 378. We are growing our presence on the island with tek bases and a teleportation system. We have bases on […]