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Mythiot’s Official A19e Server: Fortress

Mythiot gaming community is proud to present it’s newest 7 Days to Die dedicated server: Mythiot Fortress. Fortress is currently running game version Alpha 19 Experimental. This server is also the testing grounds for the official Mythiot Mod Pack. The server is available at IP: Port: 26705. You can check server status at It features a number of completely custom and unique items in addition to the re-addition of items removed from the […]

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Trauma – Last Oasis

Mythiot gaming community is pleased to present a new division in the MMORPG Last Oasis, led by TheRotorNurse and Bledore. This clan is named Trauma and currently plays on the North America East tiles. With this addition comes a number of new channels and roles. The newly added channels are available on a tiered basis as this is a very active, real time, PVP conquest game. The main public channels include Last Oasis Announcements, Last […]

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Minecraft: Enigmatica 2

Mythiot is pleased to present our newest Minecraft Server running the overhaul modpack Enigmatica 2 for Minecraft 12.2.2. Connect directly using You can find more information about the modpack here and twitch client download here. Be aware you will likely experience gameplay issues unless you manually allocate ram for the game in the twitch client: instructions here. Ravnyca is the server’s active Moderator. Please reach out to Dox on discord for technical support.