Styx Migration and New Website

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Mythiot has undergone a few visual changes. A number of duplicate and inactive channels have been removed from vision (not deleted) from the main discord and the remaining channels have been reorganized or repurposed. Styx n Stones is active on its forever home and has been updated with a series of quality of life mods along with a modified Botman and CSMM server managers. A lot of time and effort has gone into breathing new life into the server and it is already back in the top 100 servers in the entire world.

Big thanks to Wizard on both his coding and advise on Styx and stones. We will continue to try and reinvigorate interest in this main server.

Our website for the past 3 years: is closing down, and the new website has already been assigned in DNS. Soon all web requests to will redirect to This new site is faster, cleaner and built for long term use. All media/posts and pages were successfully inherited from the old site. This new site is hosted on the same machine as the gameserver itself.

I have created an official PayPal and Patron for the community active at In the past donations entirely went to Xeno for the bluefang payment and occasionally to event prizes and community giveaways, but most often compensated him for his time. This was fine, however. I have no other goal than to use donations to save for a stronger server machine. A dual core xeon server blade runs for about $2600, but would be a strong commercial grade future-proof server home for a decade if not more. If donations ever reach half that amount, I will match the payment.