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Mythiot gaming community is pleased to present a new division in the MMORPG Last Oasis, led by TheRotorNurse and Bledore. This clan is named Trauma and currently plays on the North America East tiles.

With this addition comes a number of new channels and roles. The newly added channels are available on a tiered basis as this is a very active, real time, PVP conquest game. The main public channels include Last Oasis Announcements, Last Oasis Updates, Last Oasis Public General, and PUBLIC Last Oasis voice channel. The three newly added roles are Trauma, Last Oasis Ally, and Lost Oasis Leadership.

More information will quickly be made available as the formation complete. If you are interested in joining please review the following post by Xeno:

Xeno(Logan)Today at 12:56 AM

@everyone Our Last Oasis clan Trauma is recruiting (NA East Server)

Requirements: •Must have discord and mic. Must be willing to communicate. A selfish nomad is a dead nomad. •Must be mature (Make an effort to be nice, no drama please. We have a few experienced, non bias mediators to manage a dramatic crisis however) •Must be able to handle the eventual loss and negativity of a PvP game such as Last Oasis without giving up. A mentally defeated player is a dead nomad We are looking to increase our active member count. Several of us play throughout the day, but most are active between 5pm and 2am EST. We are currently looking to expand. One of the biggest and most important resources in Last Oasis is people. Without people you don’t have anything but a bunch of unmanned fleets and big dreams. We’re open to the discussion of merges from small/medium/large clans. Looking for: – Solo, Duo, Threes, Quads, etc. – Die hard PvPers, farmers and everything in between! – Brand new players that are naked and crawling on the dunes. Join Trauma and become part of an awesome group of guys and gals trying to carve out a legacy of their own. Jump in and get right down with banter with us! We look forward to fighting and dying with you. If anyone has any questions what-so-ever about the game or Trauma. Feel free to ask me personally and I’ll answer!Message #last-oasis-announcements

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