Webmaster Update 10/2019

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I’m pleased to announce a series of website updates that will take place here on Mythiotgaming.net. These updates will modernize the Styx N Stones 7DTD Website page and give it more of an Alpha 18 feel. Additionally, information relating to the now unused Envul CBSM server manager will be removed and replaced with updated Botman information. These updates will be completed over the next two (2) weeks.

Xeno will not be adding any 7DTD server modpacks to Styx for A18 Experimental. Event and item modifications will resume when the stable version of the update has been released.

With the success of Legends Wow Classic Guild and Alpha 18 7DTD, it has been a busy few weeks for Mythiot Staff. This will likely continue, but I will still roll out the September division screenshot collections this week.

As always, thank you for your continued support and activity.


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