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Fellow survivors!

Keeping with the progress we’ve made on reorganizing the Discord channel, we have created a new group for our most dedicated 7 Days to Die Survivors. Membership to this exclusive group will offer a number of amazing perks.

  • Incredible Server Starter Kit
  • Exclusive Wasteland Survivor’s Club Discord Tag
  • Membership to the hidden Survivor’s club discord text and voice channels.
  • Access to the server’s clubhouse, complete as a safe zone with a trader and other goodies!
  • Store plot level requirement does not apply.
  • A tier two store plot in spawn (an additional adjacent plot).
  • Access to the club’s exclusive website informational page
  • Invited to join the staff e-mail list which issues early announcements and other valuable information.

We already cannot thank our incredible subscribers and members enough for all their support. It is through them that Mythiot has sustained and thrived. The aim of this group is to create an opportunity for our most enthusiastic survivors to support the community and become part of Styx’s history as a permanent member of the Wasteland’s survival club.

Membership is permanent, and it has no subscription or recurring fee. A 5$ donation secures membership. Please do not hesistate to reach out to Xeno or myself if you have any questions or comments.

See you in the wasteland,

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