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Hey guys, to clear up some of the confusion on the who and how’s of trading. I’m posting here a very basic outline of the process.

The tribe is open to trading with all Legacy PvE players, on Island 378, Rag 14, and all other servers which meet the above criteria. While we do frequently cut deals for allies and other friendly players we encounter, prices are NOT negotiable. They are also subject to frequent change. The current price for respective creatures will be available in the Tod-Marketplace channel on discord and soon here on the website.

We are a large tribe with many dinosaurs. Many belong to variety of different players, some active, some taking a break, and others who have been gone for an extended period. For this reason, only a member of Ark Leadership (discord tag) will determine if an existing fully grown dinosaur is available for sale and then proceed to sell that creature. This does not apply to the popular egg/cryo baby deals which any member of the tribe can start and complete.

We currently sell dinos for Metal Ingots, Polymer, and Crystal. The prices are posted in the marketplace along with screenshots of the appearance and base stats. Crystal prices will be updated there promptly. All proceeds from the sales will go into two community vaults in the headquarters (378 platform) next to the forges. Since we have no requirements or limits on resource usage for our tribe mates, there is NO reason why one would need to put sale proceeds in their personal storage. This hasn’t happened, but ideally this rule will help us avoid conflict in the future.

Lastly, Ark is a game where progress in almost entirely dependent of cooperation. Whether that is among tribe mates, allies or other players on the servers. If someone participates in a trade with us, recommend them the discord link to Mythiot. Explain the Tod-marketplace and tod-annoucement channels. We will always keep prices current there, and it remains the best way to get in touch with any of us quickly.

Please reach out with any comments and suggestions.


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