Tribe of Dox is back!

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I’m thrilled to announce the official rebirth of Tribe of Dox. We are now actively recruiting and trading on Ark Official Legacy Servers. There are now three tribe channels in the Mythiot Discord: Announcements, marketplace and general chat.

As all the current tribemembers know, our headquarters is located on Herbivore Island on Legacy Island Server 378. We are growing our presence on the island with tek bases and a teleportation system. We have bases on Legacy Ragnarok 14, Legacy Extinction 927. On Aberration we are in a merged tribe with our close allies TVP. We are in the planning phase for TOD bases on both The Center and Scorched Earth. More to be announced on those in the future.

To consolidate and organize sales on the server we will have a pinned price list of creatures and resources that we will be trading in the TOD Marketplace channel. This will ensure that we are all consistent with the prices. It will be prudent to invite players from the server into our discord if they wish to continue to trade with us. In the end, ideally, the price list and marketplace chat will save us and our allies valuable time.

I’ve got something special in the works for the tribe as well. A personal project that may or may not have something to do with the Mythiot website. Keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, due to my time being extremely limited during the week, Xeno will be creating a new discord role “Ark Leadership,” which will create multiple points of contact and direction in my absence. Knightscape420 (Robot) and Murrsachii or (BB) as I call him :).


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