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************** Priority Features

Updated Release Date: 12/22/2018

Last minute updates:

Finalize Server Pages

Finish Prefab List

Finish Front Page Slider

Finish Staff Portal

Fix RKPZ portfolio

3 Posts on charon wipes, event updates

Feature Updates and Log:

DNS and Hosting updated 11/10/2018.

User Profile System added 11/10/2018.

YT.player added 11/10/2018.

Titan Discord Embed added 11/10/2018.

Website Wide Widgets added 11/10/2018

Registration and Log In System added 11/11/2018.

LoginPress Plugin added 11/11/2018.

Menu Updated 11/11/2018

Streamer Page and Channel Widgets added 11/11/2018

Restrict User Access Plugin added 11/12/2018

Animate It Graphical Plugin added 11/12/2018

Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan added 11/12/2018

Staff Portal (restricted access pages) added 11/12/2018

Staff Channel Live Chat added 11/12/2018

Sub Menu’s updated 11/13/2018

Smart Slider added 11/13/2018

Discord gif updated 11/13/2018

Live-map updated 11/14/2018

Font settings updated 11/15/2018

Streamer agreement info and registration added 11/15/2018

Access levels updated 11/15/2018

Upcoming features:

reorganizing sidebars and widgets: adding player spotlight in top right, moving contributors somewhere new and replacing recent posts with STICKIED posts.

staff e-mail customized login page and request form

Community pages: members, groups, activity, other media

Support pages: bot commands, troubleshoot, common issues, other documentation links ——- WordPress Dropbox Backup

Our Servers*****************

Streamer vod libraries

Donate page*********

Peraslax’s Music and Lit

Rkpz Building Log (in some capacity)

Staff Portal Contents: Ban Reports, Zcoin Log, Staff Announcements, Community Size tracker, webmail login page,

Analytics page

change header font back?

Far Future:

Subscription Store integration

Requested Features:

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