Zombie Maze Event Winners and Results

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Congratulations to Krunay, Shirleyrocks and Daemon Blackfyre for outliving all other participants in the Sunday night Zombie Maze Survival event. They will each receive 700 Zcoins for the win. 

We want to thank all the survivors who participated in the event:

Krunay, Shirleyrocks, Daemon Blackfyre, TheRotorNurseTTV, Pancake Wolf, Wise6, Dox, Ghettodwarf and Blake B117.

This event also served as a valuable test of zombie AI pathing since the major Alpha 17 update. It clearly isn’t perfect, but still managed to produce an incredibly fun event. I imagine with more TFP optimizations in the future, it will only improve.

And thanks again to El Tigre Del Sur for hosting that amazing event and spawning zombies on those poor fools.


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