January 2019 Event Calendar – Styx

Events Styx N Stones PvE

For as long as Styx N Stones remains at current consistent population levels, we will host weekly events on Sunday nights at 9:00pm eastern.

The first event of the New Year will be at 9:00pm est Sunday the 20th. This event will be a zombie survival event at the event zgate: (/zgate visit eventzgate). Players will arrive naked and use provided equipment to survive waves of zombies. The winners will be the top 3 survivors at the end of the event. A Zcoin prize will be awarded. Results will be posted to discord.

The second event of the month will take place 9:00pm Sunday the 27th. (/zgate visit eventzgate). This event will be a large scale PVP Rocket Launcher Event. One of our communities favorite events, the event will comprise of two teams facing off on opposite prefabricated structures trying to kill all enemy players and leveling the enemy structure. Players will arrive naked. Zcoin prizes will be awarded for the winning team, most kills and participation. Results will be posted to discord.

Staff members may hold small impromptu events which usually involve spawning mass zombies on players at the public kill box. These events are purely for the enjoyment of the players online but are not posted in advance and therefore will not offer posted results or Zcoin rewards. Please do not hesistate to reach out to staff for additional information.

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