Tribe of Dox Ark – Retirement

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After much though and consideration, we have decided to enter the preliminary stages of retirement for the Ark team Tribe of Dox.

With the current core group having moved to Atlas and a majority of casual players becoming permanent sleepers, it simply is not practical to continue the level of upkeep required.

The Headquarters will remain alive, as long as possible. At least until I personally can collect as much video and image content from its current state. All dinosaurs will over the next few months be placed in cold storage. Members are encouraged to begin claiming and moving their own personal dinos, either to another allied tribe, unofficial server, or single player game.

This process will comprise only a few months and more information will be released soon. It has been a wild and incredible journey. I’ll be saving and posting as much media as I can dig up and create before the end.

I’m extremely excited for the growth and development of the Atlas Team. The journey deserves its on post and will have one soon.


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