Charon’s Party Boat: Weekly Mini-Events

Announcements Charon's Party Boat A17

Fellow Survivors,

The staff team will be hosting mini-events on Charon’s Party Boat on a weekly basis. The events will take place between on Friday and Saturday evenings, with the start time being declared several hours before on the same day.

This mini-event schedule will not include any PVP events at this time or the foreseeable future. Armor, clothing and weapons/ammunition (and sometimes building materials) will be provided at the beginning of the event and discarded at the end. These will be handed out by staff at the beginning of the event.

The event will comprise of the survivors holding out in a prefabricated structure chosen by staff and fighting dozens of waves of zombies. Rewards will to all participants but the greatest quality rewards will go to the top three zombie killers and any individuals who did not die during the event. Some events will allow a survivor to re spawn and continue participation after dying, and some will not.

An event calendar will soon be available from this link. These events will continue as long as the population remains consistent.


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