MurderPACK Update

Mythiot Mod Team

MurderPACK Update:

So I’m gonna do a pseudo changelog so that Dox and Xeno get off my ass about making a changelog. I may edit or add stuff later, but this is a start.

NOTE: “!” denotes a value that is changed by the mod. “+” is something added. “-” is something removed (possibly to be added by something else later)




+ Added first profession item (gunPistolCopOld). Still in testing phase. Does bonus damage against Z (I think, needs more testing)

+ Added profession starter token. Will be reward from the “Talk to Trader” noob quest. Craft into profession item to start profession quest

+ Added Profession Quest starters. Only the start of the Cop one is in so far, so they all give the cop quest.




! Fixed typo that caused Auto Xbow to be un-craftable




+ Added start of Cop Profession questline









! Feathers stack to 500

! Arrows & Bolts stack to 500 (excluding Flaming/Exploding)

! Cement and Concrete Mix stack to 6000 (Like Small Stone and Sand)

+ re-added Auto Crossbow using new XPath style modding, should make updating for new versions much easier in the future. Craftable with Advanced Engineering 2 at a workbench

+ Added Custom AK47 that is green. doesn’t do anything different as of yet, just a proof of concept thing I didn’t feel like taking out





+ Added Recipe to craft Auto Crossbow with Advanced Engineering 2

+ Added Recipe to craft Acid with Yeah Science 3




+ Added tags to appropriate perks to unlock recipes




+ Added some test quests and framework for eventual profession system.


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