PvP EVENT Sunday 10:00pm EST: Return of Rocket Launcher House Wars

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At least 4-6 players are required to participate in House Wars!

Players will be asked to split into 2 separate teams. Players will be provided a fresh set of multiple rocket launchers as well as hundreds upon hundreds of rockets. Also provided are equal amounts of bedrolls, first aid kits, food, water, coats, ponchos, mining helmets, hammers, wood, and scrap iron for preparing defenses. There will be a graveyard platform behind each mansion for people to place their bedrolls in and re spawn at. (This graveyard is also where both teams will initially supply themselves with the provided equipment as well as resupply upon dying) Contestants then will attempt to do their best to kill as much of the opposing team as possible as well as destroy their opponent’s mansion.

Event ends once one of the mansions gets destroyed beyond recognition or players simply get bored.

Rules for this event are simple as well.

1) Be naked before being teleported to the event or you will be ejected to spawn
2) Do not start firing rockets until the admins announce the event has started
3) Stay on your side of the playing field. (There will be a bright red stainless steel line on the field between the two mansions)
4) More precise details will be constantly messaged out in game as well. As in when the build phase and war phase have started.
5) The winning team will obtain the biggest prize, the losing team will obtain a participation prize, and the top player killers will also obtain prizes

To get to the event – simply speak up in chat when call outs are being made for teleportation to the event arena. Call outs will be made 30 minutes prior to event start which is again -> (10:00pm est)

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