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Trauma – Last Oasis

Mythiot gaming community is pleased to present a new division in the MMORPG Last Oasis, led by TheRotorNurse and Bledore. This clan is named Trauma and currently plays on the North America East tiles. With this addition comes a number of new channels and roles. The newly added channels are available on a tiered basis as this is a very active, real time, PVP conquest game. The main public channels include Last Oasis Announcements, Last […]

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New Dedicated Mythiot Server – The Forest

Mythiot Gaming Community is proud to present it’s custom built dedicated Forest server. It can house up to 32 players and has a custom scripted map/player backup system which works to powerfully reduce cheating and hacking damage. It remains password protected for the time being. Password and server information can also be found in the Mythiot discord. Server name: Doxs Paradise Join Mythiot for pass Port: 8905 The server is online and […]

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Tribe of Dox is back!

I’m thrilled to announce the official rebirth of Tribe of Dox. We are now actively recruiting and trading on Ark Official Legacy Servers. There are now three tribe channels in the Mythiot Discord: Announcements, marketplace and general chat. As all the current tribemembers know, our headquarters is located on Herbivore Island on Legacy Island Server 378. We are growing our presence on the island with tek bases and a teleportation system. We have bases on […]