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Mythiot’s Official A19e Server: Fortress

Mythiot gaming community is proud to present it’s newest 7 Days to Die dedicated server: Mythiot Fortress. Fortress is currently running game version Alpha 19 Experimental. This server is also the testing grounds for the official Mythiot Mod Pack. The server is available at IP: Port: 26705. You can check server status at It features a number of completely custom and unique items in addition to the re-addition of items removed from the […]

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Webmaster Update 10/2019

I’m pleased to announce a series of website updates that will take place here on These updates will modernize the Styx N Stones 7DTD Website page and give it more of an Alpha 18 feel. Additionally, information relating to the now unused Envul CBSM server manager will be removed and replaced with updated Botman information. These updates will be completed over the next two (2) weeks. Xeno will not be adding any 7DTD server […]

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MurderPACK Update

MurderPACK Update: So I’m gonna do a pseudo changelog so that Dox and Xeno get off my ass about making a changelog. I may edit or add stuff later, but this is a start. NOTE: “!” denotes a value that is changed by the mod. “+” is something added. “-” is something removed (possibly to be added by something else later)   ITEMS.XML   + Added first profession item (gunPistolCopOld). Still in testing phase. Does […]