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Webmaster Update 10/2019

I’m pleased to announce a series of website updates that will take place here on These updates will modernize the Styx N Stones 7DTD Website page and give it more of an Alpha 18 feel. Additionally, information relating to the now unused Envul CBSM server manager will be removed and replaced with updated Botman […]

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WoW Classic – A Glance

World of Warcraft doesn’t change. But it has. World of Warcraft Classic is an endeavor to catch something unique—the game, as it seemed to be, when Blizzard discharged it in 2004. It’s a sentimentality trip for any individual who played at the time, and an oddity for the individuals who grew up playing various forms of it. A lot of things have changed in these 15 years. World of Warcraft’s anecdotal world isn’t some place you need to be any longer.

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The Future Paths of Classic

It has been a subject of regular speculation on how this activity will measure over the next few months and what Classic will look like a year from now. Is the opinion of this writer that the most important question is what Blizzard plans on doing for Classic progression in order to balance player expectations of WoW Classic’s vanilla experience and a sustainable modern game.