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Minecraft: Enigmatica 2

Mythiot is pleased to present our newest Minecraft Server running the overhaul modpack Enigmatica 2 for Minecraft 12.2.2. Connect directly using You can find more information about the modpack here and twitch client download here. Be aware you will likely experience gameplay issues unless you manually allocate ram for the game in the twitch client: instructions here. Ravnyca is the server’s active Moderator. Please reach out to Dox on discord for technical support.

Announcements Minecraft

Official Mythiot Minecraft Server 1.14.4 Stable

Hello community! I’m pleased to announce to opening of Mythiot’s official dedicated Minecraft server. It will be running a vanilla build at 1.14.4. It is available at IP: on the default Minecraft Port. Two new discord channels and three new discord roles have been created. Minecraft Voice and Minecraft Text channels. New roles are “Minecraft Admin, Minecraft Mod and Minecraft”. The latter will be applied to all community members who login to the server. […]