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Zombie Survival Event 8th

Zombie Survival Event Friday 8th at 9:00pm EST. Styx N Stones will be hosting a last player alive zombie event with top prizes for both the last player standing and for the player with the most zombie kills. Players will be provided building materials to reinforce the arena and weapons to fight. Arrive naked without gear and weapons. Both winners will receive a very valuable prize.

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Styx Migration and New Website

Mythiot has undergone a few visual changes. A number of duplicate and inactive channels have been removed from vision (not deleted) from the main discord and the remaining channels have been reorganized or repurposed. Styx n Stones is active on its forever home and has been updated with a series of quality of life mods along with a modified Botman and CSMM server managers. A lot of time and effort has gone into breathing new […]

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Custom Arena PvP Event Results

Saturday the 9th’s PvP Event Results: Team Blue: 92 Kills (Winner) Team Red: 81 Kills Dox —– Number of Players Killed: 46 – Blue Blake C-137 —– Number of Players Killed: 35 – Blue NinjaRylan —– Number of Players Killed: 3 – Blue rdkirbyn —– Number of Players Killed: 39 – Red Sharky(rkpz) —– Number of Players Killed: 8 – Blue srfaulk1957 —– Number of Players Killed: 1 – Red TheRotorNurseTTV —– Number of Players […]

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Zombie Maze Event Winners and Results

Congratulations to Krunay, Shirleyrocks and Daemon Blackfyre for outliving all other participants in the Sunday night Zombie Maze Survival event. They will each receive 700 Zcoins for the win.  We want to thank all the survivors who participated in the event: Krunay, Shirleyrocks, Daemon Blackfyre, TheRotorNurseTTV, Pancake Wolf, Wise6, Dox, Ghettodwarf and Blake B117. This event also served as a valuable test of zombie AI pathing since the major Alpha 17 update. It clearly isn’t […]

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January 2019 Event Calendar – Styx

For as long as Styx N Stones remains at current consistent population levels, we will host weekly events on Sunday nights at 9:00pm eastern. The first event of the New Year will be at 9:00pm est Sunday the 20th. This event will be a zombie survival event at the event zgate: (/zgate visit eventzgate). Players will arrive naked and use provided equipment to survive waves of zombies. The winners will be the top 3 survivors […]