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Styx N Stone’s Wipe and New Custom Map 2/12/2021

In an effort to correct ongoing server preformance issues, a new custom map has been generated and the server has essentially undergone a “wipe”. Player levels, stats and perks have been reset. We are pleased to announce that player stores from the previous map are now lootable prefabs on the new map, and will be kept alive forever in our future maps, as long as the program we use to generate maps is viable. If […]

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Zombie Survival Event 8th

Zombie Survival Event Friday 8th at 9:00pm EST. Styx N Stones will be hosting a last player alive zombie event with top prizes for both the last player standing and for the player with the most zombie kills. Players will be provided building materials to reinforce the arena and weapons to fight. Arrive naked without gear and weapons. Both winners will receive a very valuable prize.

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New Player City and Available Plots

Mythiot Styx N Stones PvE: Port 22457 has an updated lobby which now features a player city! Players at level 50 can ask for a plot to build a decorative player building or a store to sell their extra items. Traders and vending machines can be rented. Please contact Dox or Wizard at level 50 to set up a plot here.

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Styx Migration and New Website

Mythiot has undergone a few visual changes. A number of duplicate and inactive channels have been removed from vision (not deleted) from the main discord and the remaining channels have been reorganized or repurposed. Styx n Stones is active on its forever home and has been updated with a series of quality of life mods along with a modified Botman and CSMM server managers. A lot of time and effort has gone into breathing new […]