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New Player City and Available Plots

Mythiot Styx N Stones PvE: Port 22457 has an updated lobby which now features a player city! Players at level 50 can ask for a plot to build a decorative player building or a store to sell their extra items. Traders and vending machines can be rented. Please contact Dox or Wizard at level 50 to set up a plot here.

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Trauma – Last Oasis

Mythiot gaming community is pleased to present a new division in the MMORPG Last Oasis, led by TheRotorNurse and Bledore. This clan is named Trauma and currently plays on the North America East tiles. With this addition comes a number of new channels and roles. The newly added channels are available on a tiered basis as this is a very active, real time, PVP conquest game. The main public channels include Last Oasis Announcements, Last […]

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Join us on Alpha 17 Experimental

[smartslider3 slider=8] Join us on Alpha 17 Experimental [expand title=”Click Here”]Clickclick[/expand] to expand opt-in instructions for the Alpha 17 Experimental update. For those that want to get a head start on Alpha before the official release we have opened a fresh new server with the A17 update named Charon’s Party Boat. Don’t worry, Styx N Stones will still be offering A16 without a reset. Our current plan is to keep Styx N Stones the same […]