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New Dedicated Mythiot Server – The Forest

Mythiot Gaming Community is proud to present it’s custom built dedicated Forest server. It can house up to 32 players and has a custom scripted map/player backup system which works to powerfully reduce cheating and hacking damage. It remains password protected for the time being. Password and server information can also be found in the Mythiot discord. Server name: Doxs Paradise Join Mythiot for pass Port: 8905 The server is online and […]

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Webmaster Update 10/2019

I’m pleased to announce a series of website updates that will take place here on These updates will modernize the Styx N Stones 7DTD Website page and give it more of an Alpha 18 feel. Additionally, information relating to the now unused Envul CBSM server manager will be removed and replaced with updated Botman information. These updates will be completed over the next two (2) weeks. Xeno will not be adding any 7DTD server […]