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Welcome to the official website of the Mythiot Gaming Community. One of the oldest 7 Days to Die Gaming Communities and proud host of the Styx N Stones PVE Server.

79 Players online. 0 player/s currently in-game.

Styx N Stones PvE Online

Styx N Stones PVE IP: Mythiot.net Port: 22457
7dtd One of the oldest 7 Days to Die public servers, this server features a self hosted modified Botman and CSMM server managers. As Mythiot’s flagship server it features a very high staff presence and light server-side no download quality of life mods. Wizard is the active moderator of this server.

Shadow’s Funhaus Online

Shadow’s Funhaus IP: Mythiot.net Port: 26900
7dtd Operated by Shadowwave and JOIKirkit this popular server features CSMM integration and a few server-side quality of life mods.

Tribe of Mythiot Retired Online

Tribe of Dox Lives On – Island
Tribe of Dox Lives on – Ragnarok
Legacy Island 378
ark the alpha tribe of Ark Official Legacy Island 378 PvE Server. It currently hosts its headquarters on a floating platform between mainland Island and Herbivore island. The tribe maintains a presence of Aberration 901, Extinction 927, The Center 900, and Ragnarok 14. The tribe has been active since late 2017.

Dox’s Forest Paradise Offline

Doxs Forest Paradise PVE IP: Mythiot.net Port: 8905
arkMythiot Gaming Community is proud to present it’s custom built dedicated Forest server. It can house up to 32 players and has a custom scripted map/player backup system which works to powerfully reduce cheating and hacking damage. It remains password protected for the time being. Password and server information can be found in the Mythiot discord.

Enigmatica Minecraft Offline

MYTHIOT MINING CO. PVE IP: Mythiot.net Port: 25565
MCMythiot is pleased to present our newest Minecraft Server running the overhaul modpack Enigmatica 2 for Minecraft 12.2.2. Connect directly using mythiot.net:25565. You can find more information about the modpack here and twitch client download here. Be aware you will likely experience gameplay issues unless you manually allocate ram for the game in the twitch client: instructions here. Ravnyca is the server’s active Moderator. Please reach out to Dox on discord for technical support..